ZKC is an abbreviation of Zero Knowledge Communications – a framework to enable private and secure communications between any number of parties. We’ve created a visual identity that’s based on the fundamentals of the product development.


Asymmetric and compartmentalized

The minimal symbol is derived from letter “z”, incorporating a number of inherent values to the project such as: asymmetry, compartmentalization and stability of structure. The visual metaphor of heavily abstracted and chat bubble provides relation to the communications sector. Although chat bubble is a generic metaphor, we figured it’s subtle take works well on an international level rather than going with some deeper, tech specific metaphors or not addressing the sector at all.

The logo consists of three elements used in two variations. The symbol, a full word mark and the shorthand abbreviation. This allows for a responsive use depending on the context or environment.


zkc- web-2.png

EETER.co - 2017

Design and Direction - Sander Meentalo

Design - Tanel August Lind