ZKC is an abbreviation of Zero Knowledge Communications – a framework to enable private and secure communications between any number of parties. We’ve created a visual identity that’s based on the fundamentals of product development.


Asymmetric and compartmentalized

The minimal symbol is derived from letter “z”, incorporating several inherent values to the project such as: asymmetry, compartmentalization and stability of the structure. The visual metaphor of heavily abstracted and chat bubble provides relation to the communications sector. Although the chat bubble is a generic metaphor, we figured it’s subtle take works well on an international level rather than going with some deeper, tech-specific metaphors or not addressing the sector at all.

The logo consists of three elements used in two variations. The symbol, a full word mark and the shorthand abbreviation. This allows for a responsive use depending on the context or environment.​​​​​​​


zkc- web-2.png

EETER.co - 2017

Design - San Der, Tanel August Lind