Decred Wallet

Decrediton wallet is the core software for using the $DCR currency and participating in the blockchains governance. We authored the design from initiation and continue active design development.


Simplifing the complexities

The Wallets GUI design focuses on simplifying interacting with the Decred blockchain. The most challenging tasks have been translating complex features, usually done in a command-line environment, into a clear and straightforward experience for novice as well advanced users. As users manage their funds in the wallet, the baseline principles aim to instill the feeling of confidence and security. Create an environment of control and precision, where the users don’t have to worry about making any mistakes what might lose their funds.


Artboard 1 copy 11.png


Sense of stability

The structural arrangement of the Wallet creates relationships that unify the common features. The layouts are composed in a consistent and calm manner, creating a memorable way of navigating. Main interactions are highlighted by color contrasts helping them to easily stand out. Numbers have a unique type treatment to help reduce the visual weight of displaying 8 decimals. Motion design provides an extra level of feedback as well holds the top level of the hierarchy.

wl - c-190bb6-2.png

Passing the learning curve

One of the biggest issues for Decred is it’s learning curve. A refined onboarding process begins with a rich introduction in the launcher and continues through-out the app as well positioned tips providing insights. Current work focuses on various optimizations, mobile version and materializing the new features.

The current work focuses on various optimizations, mobile version and materializing the new features. 2017 - Present

Design and Direction: Tanel August Lind

Illustrations: Kärt Koosapoeg

Motion Design: Kyle Chivers

Development: Company Zero, Decred Developers