The Rescue Association combines and represents voluntary rescuers organizations operating in Estonia. We designed their new website and evolved the identity to be more digital-friendly.

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Aspired to reflect the reality of the rescuers

For nearly a decade, the Rescue Association has been striving for Estonia to be part of those countries where accidents, lost lives and lost assets would be very unusual incidents. RA partnered up with EETER to help increase their awareness online as well provide a clear output for supporting and joining the rescuers.

We performed field research, visited different rescuers HQ’s as well conducted interviews to validate and improve the user goals for supporting the rescuers and joining the association.

The existing RA identity needed to be evolved and refined in order to make it on-par for digital use. We created a series of new assets that helped to define and highlight the characteristics and attributes of the rescuers.

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Enduring the weather

Meeting different rescuers and ghosting along on a fire call gave us a clear insight into the direction of photography. We teamed up with well-known photographers and adventurers Jarek Jõepera and Timo Palo, who enjoyed the challenge of harsh conditions got the right kind of shots done.

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EETER.co 2017

Design and Direction: San Der

Design: Tanel August Lind

Photography: Jarek Jõepera, Timo Palo

Illustration: Kärt Koosapoeg

Development: goodhands.co – Mykolas Raižys