Mind The Meaning

Mind the Meaning provides expert services in the linguistic analysis of legal texts and semiotic analysis of trademarks. We created the complete identity and alongside with company website and assets for introducing the services.


Worlds oldest trademark

The idea for the symbol references the world’s oldest trademark – White Rabbit, a needle shop China, during the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). It was used with a purpose for advertising and a warning against copying. In the spirit of the archaic trademark, this modern and likable symbol was born.


Mind the gap

Company site explains what Mind the Meaning is all about. Services and experts are presented along-side with series of illustrations and photos. These help to address industry-specific concerns and are a notch more down-to-earth and unstuffy than what one might expect from traditional lawyers.



Not your average lawyer

Friendly, humorous and easy-to-understand illustrations explain the otherwise difficult to understand services. They are rooted in values and peculiarities inherent to the personality and dedication of the experts.



EETER.co 2014 – 2015

Design and Direction: Tanel August Lind

Design and Development: San Der

Illustration: Kärt Koosapoeg

Photography: Hanna Samoson