Decred is an open-source cryptocurrency project with a focus on solving blockchain governance. EETER has authored Decred’s identity as well established the projects design discipline. The design operations currently include around 10 contributors working on more than 8 products and different areas of visual communications. EETER is focused on the areas of user experience, design operations and identity matters.


Currency Symbol

The best examples of currency symbols (€ ¥ £ $) are designed with utmost simplicity and constraint. All of them can be recognizably reproduced by hand within a second or two. They can be reconstructed in different type styles and still be evident. The clear forms, common strikethroughs and semantics created over time provide the understanding that one is dealing with a medium of exchange. They aren’t easily mixed up with neither numbers or letters.

We designed the symbol to be high performance and extremely well scalable for a variety of mediums, with a focus on digital ones. Simple construction provides a strong cornerstone and potential of adapting to use cases beyond logo without losing its distinctive form.


Release of Decred’s new identity in February 2017 brought significant value to growing the brand and establishing a strong optical presence in the crypto space. At the time Decred had nearly no marketing efforts, whilst the identity release correlated with a noticeable increase in the market share, price and growth in the community numbers.

Design and identity system

Our goal was to create an engaging and recognizable identity and a design system to clarify the rationales integrated into the platform and products. We worked out a common vision and a set of principles to bring longevity, togetherness and representation for it both as a cryptocurrency and as a project in any environment. The created system is a set of practical tools, principles, and guides to provide direction and makes it easier for anyone to communicate about Decred as well design and develop products.



2016 - Present

Design Lead: Tanel August Lind

Design and Concept: San Der

Illustration: Kärt Koosapoeg

Motion:, Sander Joon

Development: San Der; – Mykolas Raižys; Decred Developers

Case Study 01: Identity and Design Development for a Digital Currency

Case Study 02: DCR Logo Performance Update

Github: /dcrdesign