CommerceBlock is a blockchain development firm. We took on a soft re-branding in order to polish up the firm’s state of visual branding while saving an already established perception.


A soft re-brand

The challenge was to overcome several serious issues around originality and quality with the prior symbol without losing the considerable equity. To retain the similarity of perception, we constrained the work around the base form and inner workings of the intertwined hexagons duo. We also injected additional value by emphasizing the C and the block formation.

As part of CommerceBlocks visual identity, we worked out a set of common assets and methods to build consistency across all visual branding outputs. The companies products received a series of icon-based logos as accompanied by signature key visuals.


We designed a landing page with a clear goal to recap CommerceBlocks operations clear structure. The design approach was modular in mind to build the landing page as an optimal foundation for the sites growth in the future. Lightweight animated key visuals and front-end constraints ensured high performance. Signature styled infographics provide high-level insights into the technology solutions that CommerceBlock develops.



cb5.png - 2019

Design – San Der, Tanel August Lind, 30000fps

Development –, Mykolas Raižys