Coinscrum organizes free and open crypto and tech events. Coinscrum prides itself in being open to all - whether the hard-core computer science geek or someone who’s only just had their interest piqued by this fascinating subject and wants to find out more. We distilled down it’s essence to a simple and modern wordmark.



The re-imagined identity for Coinscrum is formed around a typographic approach. A custom monospace wordmark drawn with distinctive characteristics is based on IBM Plex. The turnover of OI to 01 represents the relationship to the development sector as well serves as a historic reference to being the first major crypto meetup community.


Highlighting each event

The bold wordmark together with the visual identity forms an approachable, trustworthy and recognizable output for the cryptocurrency and blockchain events community.

A generative approach allows to increase awareness and communicate nuances of single events while instilling a clear brand association back to the source.

Each combination for hero visuals is essentially an exercise of creativity, composition and architectonics.


cs4.png 2018

Design: San Der, Tanel August Lind

Illustration: Kärt Koosapoeg

Development: – Mykolas Raižys