Our aim is set towards creating honest and exemplary works that stands the test of time and engages the audiences with valuable experiences.

EETER is a design studio driven by innovations and grounded by timeless design principles. We cultivate enjoyable work experiences by forming straightforward relationships rooted in responsibility and transparency.

The partners are practicing designers who share over a decade of experience in working with startups and open-source projects to Global 500 companies.

The founding partners are the key contacts and part of the core team for every project. In addition we employ a compact team of local and remote experts from different fields such as motion design, development, research, photography and production work.

We are well-versed in and focused on working with the following sectors: 

• finance and legal
• blockchain and privacy
• industrial and engineering
• industrial and engineering

Tanel August Lind

Designer, Partner

Advocates well structured, functional and meaningful design performance.

Since 2008 Tanel spent a fair share of his time with several major design firms in Estonia, Finland, and Australia. Most of his past work involves around financial, tech and industrial sectors.

He primarily focuses on concept and design direction of identity and digital design, as well works on the operational aspects of product development with an aim to improve design teams functions and gap the bridge between development.

Sander Meentalo

Designer, Partner

Focuses on identity and experience constructs. His practice involves trinity of semiology, gestalt psychology and heuristics.

Prior to starting the co-venture in 2014, Sander allocated his attention to a leading design agency in Estonia. Aside a succesful freelance career, he has also co-founded and directed a quality music festival in the region.

Sander brings a core understanding of strategic context to identity design. He holds an indispensable combination of strong capacity for concepting, design principles and engineering know-how for digital outputs.

New Business

We like to collaborate with people, organizations and businesses who have a clear foresight of their goals and share the mentality for design thinking.

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