Kukemuru Ambient is the most influential ambient music event in the Baltics and Scandinavian region. With such responsibility to culture we’ve created the distinct identity with an aesthetic connection to nature that can grow easily into suitable use cases without dissipation.


“More sounds, less music!”

Initiated in 2013, the festival is always in motion with its plethora of quality venue and likewise artist selection. The seer idea what translates to coherent combination of experimental, idm and ambient spectrum and co-exists closely with surrounding natural environment — a brief few days in a summery august of Estonia.

Derived from morphing sound textures and sonical sculptures we had to invision metaphor what has both unique presence and scale potential. For sharp contrast, the symbol itself has clear geometrical construct only to expand and unfold into patterns what speak one with music.




Throughout the years we’ve had the honor of experimenting with it freely and condensing the essentials – the core direction and symbol to represent it. With every new cycle we are re-arraning the visual side a bit differently to keep it evolving but meanwhile sustaining the underlying principles.



It is pleasantly challenging to distill audible spectrum into visible one, studying the subject and finding similarities of both worlds was key for unlocking the described identity.

EETER.co 2013 - Present

Design and Direction: Sander Meentalo

Design: Tanel August Lind

Website: www.kukemuru.ee