Honest and valuable work that stands the test of time.

Our design practice is driven by innovation and grounded by timeless principles. We cultivate a quality of the work experience by forming straightforward relationships rooted in responsibility and transparency.

The partners at EETER are practicing Designers who share experience and understanding in working with a variety of clients: from open-source projects and startups to Global 500 companies.

We work as a team or as consultants – able to integrate to a specialist role or help to establish the design discipline within your organisation.

As a team we provide a full stack design service and partner with proven specialists depending on the project needs.

Our focus for new projects is on the following sectors: 

• tech and innovation

• finance and legal

• blockchain and cryptography

• communications and security

• engineering and heavy industries

Founding Partners

New Business

We like to collaborate with people, organizations and businesses who have a clear foresight of their goals and share the menality for design thinking.

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